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Welcome on Hananokaze
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The Goodies section of the site is under construction!
And there is a LOT of jobs...

 Here you are on Hananokaze, one of the few sites on Escaflowne that has survived time and,
without too much pride, one of the most complete!
  Launched on the web at the end of 2003, this page tries to resist, even if it has been abandoned many times, the fault of the the constraints of its webmistress, addict fan of Escaflowne since 1999 and proud to be!

  I wish you a good visit on Hananokaze,
I hope you enjoy my work and that the English translation will suit you!!


* March 2019

  The release of the English version is  finished except concerning Goodies.
For this section, the plan of the heading is done, remains to do it!

Their last dream~~~ 
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